Israel: Olmert to serve jail term for bribery

After months of trial. The Israeli Supreme Court had been sentenced former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert at 18 months in jail. He has convicted to take bribes when he served as Mayor of Jerusalem. Olmert was accused to gain 500.000 shekels in bribery.

A separate conviction of illicitly taking a 60,000-shekel payment for another project was upheld. The charge related to the development of land outside Tel Aviv owned by the Hazera company, Haaretz newspaper reported.

“A heavy weight was lifted from my chest today, when the Supreme Court exonerated me of the main charge, of Holyland,” Olmert said following the ruling.

“No bribe was ever offered to me and I never accepted one.”

He’s first head of government to be jail in Israeli history.

Conclusion: There are corruption…even in Israel.


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