Pope and Peace

On human history, peace is the main goal for mankind. Pope Francis is very engaged to be a man who brookered a deal among Americans and Cubans on last December. He want to mediates a peace agreement between Palestinians and Israelis. What’s Pope is very concerns over world affairs and solve it? Francis knows over his role is the most important for many christians across the globe.

Today, he visits Bosnia. The mass celebrated in Sarayejo joins thousands of people want listen. He chanted: “War never again!” and said: “War means children, women and the elderly in refugee camps; it means forced displacement, destroyed houses, streets and factories. Above all countless shattered lives,” he said.

“You know this well having experienced it here,” he added in reference to the 1992-95 Bosnian conflict, which left some 100,000 dead and two million displaced.

Pope Francis is a first Roman Catholic leader since John Paul II is very keen on World Affairs. The pontiff met religious leaders like muslim, catholics and jews to demanded a peace for this tiny country which lives the hurt of civil war. The reconciliation is very close from him. But Bosnian population still mistrust on each other since the war is over on 1995.

The Pontiff’s decision to visit Bosnia and held a mass rally to promote peace in a country which don’t led with their hurts os very courageous from him. The Pope is a important figure to world either actions or words who’s a great reflection from the people. If religion is cause for many conflicts across the globe. Pope Francis is prepared to make peace with a simple act of generosity.


Oscar Romero

Today, El Salvador celebrates the beatification of Roman Catholic Archbishop Oscar Romero. He was killed by a sniper in 1980 when criticises the Civil War in his country. The Archbishop becames a symbol of resistence and peace despite a cruel war. Even the gangs declares a truce in memory of Monsignor Romero. The mass was attended by 250.000 people arriving since overnight.

Oscar Romero was a man who face controversies behalf of his ideas. He faces death squads like a courageuos man. The Archbishop want a better country. Central America is a great pandemonium in the fight againts left-wing guerrilha and US-Local army with the desire to defeat each other without mercy. The voice of catholic man like Romero and his position is remind of Salvadoreans conscience.

The conservative bishops has criticises him for his left-wing positions. The beatification has delayed for many years by Vatican until 2012, when Pope Benedict XVI has removed it. His successor, Pope Francis send a letter to El Salvador which said: “In this day of joy for El Salvador and also for other Latin American countries, we thank God for giving the martyr archbishop the ability to see and feel the suffering of his people.”

The truce imposed by the gang show a huge respect for Romero’s role during the 1980-1992 civil war which 12.000 was dead and 80.000 has disappear. The insanity of the guns loses the control. Salvadoreans don’t know if them will survive for another day. Oscar is a simple man on the darkest hour of his country to stand against who violates the human rights and abuse of power.

The man became a martyr of a nation which loses his faith on politicians, soldiers and militants. Oscar Romero’s beattification is a symbol of the priest and his ideas. El Salvador is very grateful for him to help it in the darkest hour for the country. In a letter to the Archbishop of San Salvador, Luis Escobar Alas, Pope Francis said the beatification of Archbishop Romero created “a favourable moment for true and proper reconciliation. Salvadoreans agrees with the Pope.

The new Russia

On May 9th 1945, Soviet troops defeats nazi soldiers and taken the german capital Berlin. Russians remenbers this as Great Patriotic War as called the WW2. The military parade took place in Moscow despite decline invitations by Western leaders in cause of Ukraine crisis. Many presidents like China’s Xi Jimping, President Pranab Mukherjee of India and UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon.

In his speech, Russian president Vladimir Putin paid tribute to the sacrifices of Soviet troops during World War Two. He also thanked “the people of Great Britain, France and the United States for their contribution to victory”.But he added: “In recent decades the basic principles of international co-operation have been ignored ever more frequently. We see how a military-bloc mentality is gaining momentum.”

Russia want to show their new military might like Arbata battle tank which remote-controlled gun and new capsule for the crew, RS-24 intercontinental missiles and Chinese soldiers took place for first time. The new military might could be strengthen Russian ties with another countries like India, who has a co-operation agreement to development of fighter jet Sukhoi Su-50.

Meanwhile, Ukrainians has criticised it. President Petro Poroshenko condemned Russia’s portrayal of his government as fascist over the past year. “Obviously this is done with one aim alone – to justify… the Russian aggression against Ukraine.” A alternative parade was made by Poland on Friday for world leaders which boycotted Russian military parade in Red Square;

The new Russia rises with strong military might despite Western sanctions and weaken economy. Putin want to see the new Russia as a great nation prepared to face tough challenges on World affairs. The WW2 parade in Moscow is the most important moment for Russian. If the soviet troops has defeated Nazis. Also, The rise of new Russia could be a problem for Western countries.

The clashes in Burundi

The planet watches the born of new British Princess. But Burundi still in political clash among government and civil society in cause of a third term pledge by president Pierre Nkurunziza. He rule out to run for another mandate. Burundi is a small country on Africa without natural resources and many problems to solve it like this political crisis to threatens fragile democracy.

Africans believes on democracy, But African politicians wishes to stay in power until their death or toppled by popular revolution and military coup. The ethnics groups don’t reach a consensus beyond its interests. The ordinary people don’t trust in governments or states in cause of corruption and rivalries should not solve by talks. Its solved by guns and machetes to another genocide and civil war.

The president Nkurunziza calls opposition leaders as terrorist. The simple wish to wanna a democracy is threaten for all nation or the failure of Nkurunziza’ policies. He want a third term in office after the end of 12 years of civil war. But he don’t heard his population which don’t comeback for the dark age of violence. The society is very conscious of their duty to stop political sturbborness of its president.

Burundians goes to the streets to demand the democracy should be respect by spirit of the laws made by them for shouldn’t be broken by a disgusting will to stay in power so far so bad for the country.  “We decided to stop demonstrations for two days, first to allow those who lost their family members in the protests to observe mourning and, second, we want the protesters to regain energy before resuming the fight Monday,” said civil society leader Pacifique Nininahazwe.

The country fears the genocide as it happens in Uganda where Tutsi and Hutus has fight to wipe out each other and the world don’t act against it. Hutus and Tutsis knows the violence is a great tragedy for them. But president Nkunrunziza still believes to remains as president for a third term in office its so god only for him. The clashes in Burundi still continues without a solution.


Gallipoli is the place of bloodest battle on World War One among allies and Ottoman Empire. Many soldiers was dead on that peninsula. Most of all, ANZAC (Australian New Zealand Armed Corps) troops. Australians and New Zealanders goes to the war like Commonwealth soldiers ready by the war far from away their homeland. The lesson of the horrors of that war its a great nightmare for many generations.

Australians and New Zealanders has learned over the war. Its deploys troops to help the British Empire on their struggle to defeat Ottomans by their commitment to support Germany on WW1. The war made by generals, diplomats and politicians was braced by the simple soldiers delighted by poet which loves it like a will of humanity to defend their principles, ambitions and ideas.

On the ceremonies on Turkey, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Their respectives leaders and Prime Ministers remembers who fell in that battle. Gallipoli’s battle was held by one year with thousands of deaths among Commonwealth soldiers. The idea to force the withdraw of Ottoman Empire was made by then First Sea Lord, Winston Churchill to put in risk his political career for that.

The soldies was young men who never fight for its country, but for the British Empire. The battle in Gallipoli is the worst nightmare for both sides. Ottoman soldiers faces Commonwealth ones in a fight to control a single peninsula to avoid more deaths. This soldiers wrotes letters for his loved women in awaiting for whom never comeback to the homeland to living in peace.

The memories of this soldiers must be learn by Australians and New Zealands to led with the war zones far from away to its homeland. They don’t wanna to be forgotten by next generations. But they are remind us the war its a painful way to solve the disputes with guns and souls. Gallipoli remarks is essential for everyone should be understand the legacy of ANZAC soldiers.

The Rainbow nation is trouble

South Africa is the most unpleasant nation on 1980’s with hateful Apartheid regime. After the transitional for multiracial democracy with rise of Nelson Mandela as ANC leader. It gives a hope for entire continent. Therefore, the country is called The Rainbow Nation. Now, South Africa has seen a xenophobic crisis made by pour black people against Africans migrants in townships accross the country.

The trouble in South Africa is the most development country on Africa, which the main reason for many africans make the journey for a better life in SA. But South Africans has many economical problems like the high unemployment. The visit of Eternal Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe raises fears by refugees to SA pull out most of all comeback from the country which opposition is crackdown by Mugabe.

The president Jacob Zuma has cancelled a trip to Indonesia and goes to visit a refugee camp in Durban. ANC has a big problem for itself at creates the Rainbow Nation. Many foreigners goes to South Africa for better job and life. It’s a great nightmare for them when don’t have an option to solve their problems. The townships is the symbol of that moment in South Africa.

South Africans faces a great trouble over immigration policy. ANC doesn’t have any proposal or discuss it to curb the violence in many cities like Johannesburg. It affects population accross the country. The unemployment is rise because of big problems on economy. The challenge to be a rainbow nation is very difficult for a country with racial regime on recent history.

Jacob Zuma must be to address to the nation on few days time to tackle the tensions in many regions of South Africa. The migrants want jobs and better life. South Africans urges a job to live better on townships. It’s a serious crisis for SA government since the end of Apartheid in 1994. The rise of Rainbow Nation is nearly to start with serious will and hard work for them.