Germany: Merkel refugee policy blamed for CDU German regional defeat

The refugee policy has discussed in Germany after a defeat by Christian Democrats in regional elections on Sunday. German chancellor Angela Merkel comments the deblace of her party on G20 summit in China.

Merkel said she was “very unhappy” with the election result.

“Everyone now needs to think about how we can win back trust – most of all, of course, myself,” she said.

“Obviously it [the election result] has something to do with the refugee question. But I nevertheless believe the decisions made were right and we have to continue to work on them.”

The great winner is anti-migration Alternative für Deustchland party. It has presence in nine of 16 german states.

Conclusion: This is hard time for Frau Merkel.

Europe: May and Merkel agrees talks won’t start in 2016

The British Prime Minister Theresa May has started her trip on Europe. On Wednesday, She goes to Berlin for talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel over Brexit.

Theresa May has said the UK will not begin official negotiations on leaving the EU this year as she held talks with Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Speaking in Berlin, May said securing a “sensible and orderly departure” from the EU would take time.

But she insisted the UK would not “walk away” from Europe and wanted to retain the “closest economic links”.

Merkel said the two sides desired to get the “best result for Britain” but urged more clarity on timing.

Conclusion: Two women don’t reach deal either Europe or another issues like clothes and shoes.

Europe: Angela Merkel warning as she urges UK to stay in EU

The EU referendum will held on 23 june. But Europeans leaders has warned over this issue. On Thursday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said UK that countries “at the bargaining table” negotiate better deals than those “outside the room”.

Merkel said it was a decision for the British people, but she hoped the UK would vote to stay in the European Union in the referendum on 23 June.

She said the UK as “part and parcel” of the EU was of “benefit to all of us”.

Conclusion: Britons should listen Merkel’s taughts

Germany: Merkel says vote a ‘difficult day’ for her party

After a landslide defeat on regional polls. German Chancellor Angela Merkel makes her first comments over ther issue. She said her party had a “difficult day” after right-wingers made gains in state elections.

The anti-immigrant AfD party had campaigned against what it called Mrs Merkel’s “catastrophic” decision to accept a million migrants and refugees.

However, a German government spokesman said the country’s immigration policy would not change.

The chancellor said a European solution was needed for the crisis.

“The fact is that in the eyes of the people no appropriate and satisfactory solution has yet been found and this had a very great impact on the vote,” she said.

Conclusion: Germany and their difficult days.

Germany: Angela Merkel’s CDU suffers setbacks in state elections

Germans goes to the polls to choose a new parliaments in three states. The exit poll indicate the Christian Democrats lost support in Baden-Wuerttemberg and Rhineland Palatinate, but remain the largest party in Saxony-Anhalt.

The anti-migrant AfD achieved gains in all three states, exit polls indicate.

It was a huge test for German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She want to run for fourth term in 2017 federal elections.

Conclusion: Germans wanna a Merkel’s retirement from politics as soon as posible.

Germany: Migrant crisis ‘historic test’ for Europe – Merkel says

Speaking on CDU party conference, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has described the migrant crisis as a “historic test” for Europe.

Defending her policy on migrants, Merkel said that Germany was standing by its humanitarian duties.

But she said the flow of migrants would be reduced – a step that some members of the party have been calling for.

Conclusion: Merkel and her German problems