What we means?

In 1992, then Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating makes a remarkable speech over indigenous issues. He pledge sorry for them by the acts against that people. Now, the australian version of UK Guardian mewspaper does an analysis of that address made an twenty two years ago by linguistics view.

The Redfern speech is interesting effort to reconciliation among australians. The indigenous has pursuited for many year for racist act made by th state. The move comes by Labor PMs like Gough Whitlam, Bob Hawke and Paul Keating. They’re vows to not tolerate the prejudice against that people.

The article written by Gavin Harris is very interesting to explain the use of the word we in many languages the speech was translated. In that address, we means “we non-indigenous australians”. Others sentences which said “We committed the murders.” and he added: I think what we need to do is open our hearts a bit. All of us.

Many indigenous leaders aren’t trust on Keating’s speech. They is so emotional address made by another Labor PM, Kevin Rudd in 2007 where he pledge sorry for all aborigine Australians by the acts made by previously governments like forced adoptions and don’t recognises them as Australians nationals.

The Redfern speech is a pivotal moment on Australia’s history because a Prime Minister has acknowledge the trouble legacy of racism and prejudice against indigenous ones. Now, Australia is prepare to change history and makes further steps to reconciliation among Australians for a better future.


World affairs: Australia drops knights and dames from honours system

The Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced Australia don’t appoint knights and dames on its honour system. Australia will no longer appoint knights and dames under its honours system, he said.

Turnbull said the titles were “not appropriate” in modern Australia, and that Queen Elizabeth had accepted the cabinet’s recommendation to drop them.

Former PM Tony Abbott reintroduced knighthoods and damehoods in 2014.

But its a main factor to Abbott was toppled by Turnbull on federal caucus.

In a statement, Mr Turnbull said the Order of Australia awards were “an important way of honouring the achievements and service of many Australians, including those unsung heroes who might not otherwise be recognised outside their local communities”.

But he said his cabinet had recently reviewed the system and decided that the knighthoods and damehoods were “not appropriate in our modern honours system”.

Existing knights and dames would not be affected by the change, he said.

The opposition Labor party welcomed the move, with shadow treasurer Chris Bowen describing the titles “a national disgrace”.

But he said it was “not appropriate” for Australia to be “clinging onto imperial Britain through our honours system”.

“We shouldn’t be celebrating the fact that knights and dames are gone, we should be lamenting the fact that they came back under this government,” ABC News quoted him as saying.

conclusion: Australia don’t have dames and knights until next PM.

Australia: Prince Philip’s knighthood was ‘injudicious’ admits Abbott

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has given an interview to radio station 3AW about his decision to give a knighthood for Prince Philip. He said: “Obviously it was an injudicious appointment.”

On 26 January – Australia’s national day – Mr Abbott announced he had nominated Queen Elizabeth II’s husband to receive the knighthood.

He had said then that the Duke of Edinburgh’s life of “service and dedication” should be honoured. The Queen awarded the knighthood in April.

Abbott has ousted by Malcolm Turnbull on last month.

Conclusion: Abbott and his mistakes

Australia: PM Tony Abbott ousted by Malcolm Turnbull

Australia has a new Prime Minister. Tony Abbott has ousted by Malcolm Turnbull on federal caucus on late night for 44 votes to 54 respectively. Turnbull said he assumed that parliament would serve its full term, implying no snap general election.

Earlier on Monday Mr Abbott had dismissed rumours of a leadership challenge as “Canberra gossip” – only to be voted out by his fellow Liberal MPs.

Speaking after the result was announced, Mr Turnbull praised his predecessor for his “formidable achievements” as prime minister.

The new party leader said Australia needed to have “the economic vision, a leadership, that explains the great challenges and opportunities we face”.

He said he would lead “a thoroughly Liberal government, committed to freedom, the individual and the market”.

Ahead of the vote, Turnbull had said if Mr Abbott remained as leader, the coalition government would lose the next election, which is likely to take place next year.

He said he had not taken the decision to launch a leadership challenge lightly, but that it was “clear enough that the government is not successful in providing the economic leadership that we need”.

Bishop had supported his bid to become party leader.

Current opposition leader Bill Shorten tweeted that “Australia does not need another arrogant, out of touch Liberal leader – Australia needs a change of government”.

Australia has a fourth Prime Minister since 2013.

Turnbull swears the job after Abbott tender his resignation letter to the governor general.

Conclusion: In Australian politics, if PM don’t fit, kickoff them.

Australia: Canberra resists to scrap tampon tax

Australians is very concerns over tampon tax. It’s a tax over consumption in tampons and others sanitary products best known as Goods and Services tax (GST), The online petition made by Sydney university student Subeta Vimalarajah to scrap it was signed by 90.000 people. Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey is to ask state and territory governments to remove the consumption tax on tampons and other sanitary products.

Hockey said he would lobby state and territory governments to exempt them.

However Prime Minister Tony Abbott later downplayed Hockey’s pledge.

He said he understood why many people wanted to see an end to the tax, but that it was “certainly not something that this government has a plan to do”.

Abbott said it was up to states to decide.

Conclusion: Australia and its strange taxes.


Gallipoli is the place of bloodest battle on World War One among allies and Ottoman Empire. Many soldiers was dead on that peninsula. Most of all, ANZAC (Australian New Zealand Armed Corps) troops. Australians and New Zealanders goes to the war like Commonwealth soldiers ready by the war far from away their homeland. The lesson of the horrors of that war its a great nightmare for many generations.

Australians and New Zealanders has learned over the war. Its deploys troops to help the British Empire on their struggle to defeat Ottomans by their commitment to support Germany on WW1. The war made by generals, diplomats and politicians was braced by the simple soldiers delighted by poet which loves it like a will of humanity to defend their principles, ambitions and ideas.

On the ceremonies on Turkey, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Their respectives leaders and Prime Ministers remembers who fell in that battle. Gallipoli’s battle was held by one year with thousands of deaths among Commonwealth soldiers. The idea to force the withdraw of Ottoman Empire was made by then First Sea Lord, Winston Churchill to put in risk his political career for that.

The soldies was young men who never fight for its country, but for the British Empire. The battle in Gallipoli is the worst nightmare for both sides. Ottoman soldiers faces Commonwealth ones in a fight to control a single peninsula to avoid more deaths. This soldiers wrotes letters for his loved women in awaiting for whom never comeback to the homeland to living in peace.

The memories of this soldiers must be learn by Australians and New Zealands to led with the war zones far from away to its homeland. They don’t wanna to be forgotten by next generations. But they are remind us the war its a painful way to solve the disputes with guns and souls. Gallipoli remarks is essential for everyone should be understand the legacy of ANZAC soldiers.

Australia: Abbott survives a leadership challenge

After days of turmoil. The spill motion was voted. The Prime Minister Tony Abbott has won by 61 a 39. Later, he said the leadership issue was now behind the party and that the focus was on jobs, families, a stronger economy and greater national security.

He said when voters elected a government and a prime minister the public deserved to keep that government and that prime minister “until you change your mind”.

“The challenge is to work with you, not against you,” he said. “I love this country and I will do my best to help this country succeed.”

Conclusion: Liberal Party are so calm now.