US-China: Jimping meets Trump on visit to Mar-a-Largo resort

After his visit to Finland. Chinese president Xi Jimping arrives to US for two-day meeting with his counterpart Donald Trump. The Trump’s resort in Mar-a-Lago hosted it.

Trump said the two men had “developed a friendship” as they sat for dinner at his Mar-a-Lago retreat.

The American leader is expected to press his counterpart for action on North Korea, and Mr Xi to seek assurances on Taiwan.

Mr Trump has said the summit “will be a very difficult one”.

conclusion: This is Mar-a-Largo diplomacy.


Asia: US begins deploying missile defence system in South Korea despite Chinese warning

North Korea has launched 4 balistic missiles on Monday. US and South Korea has started to deploy Thaad’s missile defence system after that. Meanwhile, Chinese Foreign Minister spokesman has opposed it and said on Tuesday that China opposed the deployment and would “resolutely take necessary measures to defend our own security interests”.

World Affairs: China returns seized underwater US drone

Asia is so relief now. The row between China and US over underwater US drone which it was captured by Chinese Navy in South China Sea on Thursday.

On Tuesday, China has seized it to US.

The US said it would continue to “fly, sail, and operate in the South China Sea” where international law allows.

“After friendly consultations between the Chinese and US sides, the handover was smoothly completed at midday,” China’s defence ministry said in a statement on Tuesday.

The Pentagon described the incident as inconsistent with international law and codes of conduct between navies at sea, and added that it would continue to investigate.

Conclusion: Peace in South China Sea.

Asia: China denies militarization of Spratly Islands proved by Sattelite Photos

The row between China and others South China Sea countries has risen up. Sattelite photos shows weapons on Spratly Islands.

That islands are disputed by others Asian countries such as Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei

China has not yet commented on the allegations.

Conclusion: China and their maritimes problems.

China: Gen Guo Boxiong sentenced to life for corruption

China lives a corruption crackdown. On Monday, retired general Guo Boxiong has convicted for life for to take bribes. He was stripped of his rank of general and his personal assets have been seized, Xinhua news agency reports. This is the latest of major anti-corruption campaign made by Chinese President Xi Jimping.

Conclusion: Chinese officials is very worried again.


Asia: US and South Korea agree THAAD missile defence deployment

US and South Korea has reached a deal to deploy a missile defence system called THAAD. The purposes is protect that countries from North Korea’s missiles.

China, which has consistently opposed the plan, lodged a protest with the US and South Korean envoys.

China’s foreign ministry said that the THAAD system will harm peace and stability in the region, despite its ability to detect and shoot down North Korean missiles.

“China expresses strong dissatisfaction and resolute objection to this”, it said in a statement on its website.

Conclusion: More troubles for Pyongyang and Beijing.

US: Obama’s Dalai Lama meeting angers China

US president Barack Obama had met with Tibetan leader Dalai Lama on White House. It was criticised by Chinese Government which considers Dalai Lama as separatist leader.

A Chinese foreign ministry spokesman condemned Wednesday’s meeting.

“If the United States plans this meeting, it will send the wrong signal to Tibet independence and separatist forces and harm China-US mutual trust and cooperation,” said Lu Kang.

Conclusion: China is very furious with Obama.