Environment: Trump hints at climate deal shift in Paris talks

US president Donald Trump was invited by his French conuterpart Emmanuel Macron to Two-day visit to celebrates 14 July. So, both leaders has discussed environment issues like Paris climate accord in a press conference today.

Macron said he “respected” Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate accord but that France would remain committed.

“On climate we know what our differences are,” Macron said in Paris on Thursday, adding that it was important to move forward.

Speaking alongside Macron, Trump then hinted that the US could shift its position but failed to elaborate.

“Something could happen with respect to the Paris accord,” he said.

Trump added: “We’ll see what happens.”

Conclusion: Trump and his stubborness.


France 2017: Macron quits from government to run for presidency

France has another presidential hopeful. The businessman and former Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron quits to run for presidency. He will be replaced by Finance Minister Michel Sapin.

The move was announced by Macron himself in a message to supporters, and by the French presidency.

However,  Macron stopped short of formally declaring a 2017 presidential bid.

In a speech to ministry staff, he said he had resigned to focus on drawing up a “diagnosis” of the country’s problems.

“I am determined to do everything so that our values, our ideas, our actions can transform France as soon as next year,” he added.

Conclusion: En Marché, Macron.