Europe: European Commission proposes asylum reforms to tackle migrant crisis

In attempt to tackle migrant crisis. European Commission has a proposed a new asylum system which treats ones very human. European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans argued the current system had to change, saying: “We need a sustainable system for the future, based on common rules, a fairer sharing of responsibility, and safe legal channels for those who need protection to get it in the EU.”

Conclusion: A victory for migrants.


Europe: EU launches probe into new Polish laws

The row among EU and Poland had another chapter today. The European Commission has opened an unprecedented inquiry into whether new Polish laws break EU democracy rules.

Vice-President Frans Timmermans announced a “preliminary assessment” under the EU’s “rule of law mechanism“.

The EU mechanism allows the Commission to press a member state to change any measure considered a “systemic threat” to fundamental EU values.

The Polish government has approved new rules to the media and constitutional court.

Addressing the Polish parliament on Wednesday, Prime Minister Beata Szydlo denied that her government had violated democratic norms.

“Democracy is alive and well in Poland,” she insisted, adding that the government was carrying out a programme backed by Poles in the October general election that the brought the PiS to power.

Conclusion: Szydlo and her stupid view over Polish democracy.

Europe: EU Commission’s Juncker seeks ‘fair deal’ for UK despite Cameron pressure

The head of European Commission, Jean-Claude Junker has spoken with journalist during the flight back from Ukraine. He says he wants a “fair deal” for the UK in Europe and does not rule out making minor changes to EU treaties. Also, EU commissioner said it was too early to decide what treaty changes might be necessary.

“I do exclude major treaty changes as far as the freedom of movement is concerned – but other points can be mentioned,” he told reporters.

British Prime Minister David Cameron want changes on EU membership will be held by referendum in 2017 if Conservatives wins the May 7th General Election.

Juncker said he did not want Britain to leave the EU, but also did not want Britain to “impose a European agenda which would not be shared by others”.

“I do think that we need a fair deal with Britain – but it’s up to Britain to put forward their proposals, their requests, their ideas.

“It’s up to them to take initiatives and then we’ll take them under exam in a very polite, friendly, objective way,” he told reporters on a flight back from Ukraine.

Juncker accused politicians and sections of the UK press of misreporting his position on treaty change.

“I made it perfectly clear during the [European election] campaign that I want a fair deal with Britain.

“Unfortunately the British government and the British press are not listening and are blind when others are speaking so they did ignore that.”

He also complained about a British press report last week, which suggested he had said there would be no treaty change from now to 2019. It quoted an unnamed EU official.

“I am the only EU official to be quoted when it comes to Britain,” he insisted.

Cameron want to change EU migration treaty. But Juncker don’t move it. The solution is a separate protocol for UK over net migration.

Conclusion: Juncker and his British headaches

Europe: Greece debt talks are too slow, says EC chief Juncker

Eurozone and Greece has many problems to solve. On Friday, European Commission Chief, Jean-Claude Junker has met the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. Juncker said he was “not satisfied with the developments in recent weeks”.

“I don’t think that we have made sufficient progress, but we’ll try to push in the direction of a successful conclusion of the issues we have to deal with.”

However, he ruled out failure in the talks, which could precipitate Greece’s exit from the eurozone.

“I am totally excluding a failure, I don’t want a failure. I would like Europeans to go together. This is not the time for division,” he said.

Meanwhile, Greek PM said he remained optimistic. “If there is political will, everything is possible,” he said.

Conclusion: Europe wants the road-runner as chief negotiator?

Europe: Juncker reveals giant EU investment plan despite criticism by unions

After the pope said Europe is “elderly and harggard” on Tuesday. On Wednesday, president of European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker announces the plan to boost inevstiment on Europe.

He has given details of a €315bn (£250bn; $393bn) investment plan to kick-start Europe’s economy. At its heart is a new €21bn fund that would provide loans for infrastructure projects. Juncker hopes most of the rest of the money will come from private backers.

The plan is criticised by gamble to attractive private investiment.

There was immediate scepticism from the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) whose General Secretary, Bernadette Segol, suggested the Commission was “relying on a financial miracle like the loaves and fishes”.

She said she did not believe that €315bn could be raised from €21bn, a leverage factor of 15 which the ETUC argued was “almost certainly unrealistic”.

Conclusion: Juncker is his faith on private investiment.

Europe: Juncker gives key EU economy jobs to UK and France

The new Head of European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker has unveils the new commissioners. UK and France has given a top EU economy jobs. UK’s Jonathan Hill has named to oversee financial services while former French finance minister, Pierre Moscovici will run the EU economy policy. What’s it means: Its a honeymoon between Juncker and Cameron.

Europe: MEPs elect Jean-Claude Juncker to head EU Commission

After months of uncertain and fight. Former Luxembourg prime-minister Jean-Claude Juncker is elected to be next EU Commission president 422 votes out of the 729 total cast in the secret ballot. In his speech, he pledged the Commission would be a “political body”, not just Europe’s civil service.

He got sustained applause when he said the euro “protects Europe”.

Elsewhere in his speech he said:

1. The eurozone should create a joint budget, separate from the EU budget, to help countries making difficult structural reforms

2. The EU needs a 300bn-euro (£238bn; $408bn) investment plan to boost growth and create jobs

3. “Maximum transparency” is needed in the EU’s free trade negotiations with the US, to allay people’s suspicions

4.The EU “should not Europeanise every tiny problem” but “deal with the big tasks”

5.The troika group – in charge of EU bailouts – must be made more democratic, with more parliamentary scrutiny

6. EU rules on free movement of workers will not be changed – but national authorities must tackle abuses

Also, He told reporters in Strasbourg he was prepared to discuss repatriating some powers from Brussels to member states.

Conclusion: Juncker wanna to be a friend of Britain.