Sunday’s elections in brief

  • France’s parliamentary elections:  Socialists and its allies has a majority seats in national assembly. Polling data suggested PS and allies has 320 of 577 seats in parliament. Its important to approves boost measures upholds fo new president François Hollande. In a contituencies of La Rochelle, socialist candidate Segolene Royal was defeated by socialist dissident Oliver Farloni. Royal is ex-partner of president Hollande and his current partner valerie Trierweiler supports Farloni in tweeted message. Royal has slammed what she called a “political betrayal”. Its France, madam Royal.
  • Greek general elections: Greeks elects the pro-bailout colation led by right wing party New Democracy with 130 seats (29.9%) follow by Syriza with 71(26.7%) and Pasok with 33(13%). New Democracy leader, Antonis Samaras said Greeks had voted to stay in the euro, and called for a “national salvation government”. Europe its so calm now, less stock markets.
  • Egypt’s presidential elections: Military rullers sweping a new power after the polls finished. Military council can be issues new laws and control a defence budget. This weekend, Egypt helds a second round of presidential elections between islamist Mohammed Mursi and former PM, Ahmed Shafiq. Really, egyptian militaries is more powerful than new president. Militaries loves the power.

Homo causticus finishes the live coverage of Éllections Presidentielle Français 2012. Thank you, Good Bye and Good Lucky.