Weekly discussions with Nobody and Keuner:Will be Berlusconi come back again?

Nobody: Hi.
Keuner: Hí
Nobody: The worst of my fears come back.
Keuner: What’s
Nobody: The former Italian PM, Silvio Berlusconi returns it
Keuner: Oh my god
Nobody: H*ly sh*t
Keuner: The current PM, Mario Monti threatens to stand down if the Berlusconi’s party will put out the government.
Nobody: Really, Italians lives in hell with the crisis and politicians too
Keuner: That’s truth
Nobody: Bye
Keuner: Bye


Weekly discussions with Nobody and Keuner: What’s going on with Africa

Nobody: Hi
Keuner: Hi
Nobody: What’s going on with African countries?
Keuner: The civil war in DR Congo?
Nobody: Rebel group M23 against government.
Keuner: This rebel group are supported by Rwanda’s government.
Nobody: Normal for this.
Keuner: UK canceled their aid for Rwanda.
Nobody: Normal too
Keuner: Its everything in normal for you?
Nobody: No, what’s seen news over conflicts in Africa
Keuner: Every day.
Nobody: No one reacts to tackle this.
Keuner: That’s truth
Nobody: Its a cruel truth
Keuner: Bye.
Nobody: Bye.

Weekly discussions with Nobody and Keuner: Why Mursi is a “new pharaoh”

Nobody: Hi.
Keuner: Hi.
Nobody: Why Mursi is a “New Pharaoh”
Keuner: Because he assumes a sweeping powers by decree issued for him.
Nobody: Its interesting
Keuner: Mursi is a new pharaoh.
Nobody: No, is a president acting like a new dictator
Keuner: Dictator like former president Mubarak
Nobody: Yes.
Keuner:I don’t understand this act
Nobody: Why
Keuner: Because he assumes that sweeping powers
Nobody: I don’t know so
Keuner: I’m too
Nobody: bye
Keuner: bye

Weekly discussions with Nobody and Keuner: Why a CIA director steps down?

Nobody: Hi
Keuner: Hi
Nobody: Do you known the CIA’s director, Gen David Petraeus was resigns in cause of an extra-marital affairs?
Keuner: Yes.
Nobody: Why the CIA director has an affair?
Keuner: To be a next James Bond?
Nobody: or Austin Powers.
Keuner: meanwhile, a good secret agent.
Nobody: One more mistake again.
Keuner: Bye
Nobody: Bye.

Weekly discussions with Nobody and Keuner.

Nobody: Hi.
Keuner: Hi.
Nobody: Spain has new financial crisis.
Keuner: What?
Nobody: Spanish bank Bankia wanna a bailout from government.
Keuner: Really?
Nobody: Yes.
Keuner: I hope so this bank broke up.
Nobody: This act destroy the spanish economic.
Keuner: Many spanish pretty girls goes to america.
Nobody: That’s truth.
Keuner: Do you see the first attach by a private spaceship?
Nobody: Yes.
Keuner: Do you like it?
Nobody: No.
Keuner: Why?
Nobody: That vessel is so smaller than a Prius.
Keuner: I didn’t understand South Africa.
Nobody: Because of vandalises the Zuma’s painting.
Keuner: That paint hasn’t ofensive.
Nobody: The painting show Zuma’s genitals hanging out.
Keuner: Also, its proofs is a great male married with 4 wives.
Nobody: That’s truth.
Keuner: Bye.
Nobody: Bye.

Weekly discussions with Nobody and Keuner

Nobody: Hi.
Keuner: Hi.
Nobody: Chen Guangcheng leaves China.
Keuner: Its good.
Nobody: Is he goes to USA?
Keuner: Yes, dude.
Nobody: He causes embarassment for China’s authoritarian authorities.
Keuner: Its more embarassing the private rocket failure in cape canaveral launch site.
Nobody: That’s truth.
Keuner: And G8 summit in Camp David?
Nobody: The world leaders preps to save economy.
Keuner: Really, no
Nobody: Could be new french president Hollande?
Keuner: Can he changes Merkel’s mind?
Nobody: Really, i don’t know.
Keuner: I didn’t understands greeks?
Nobody: Why?
Keuner: Any greek politicians don’t led a coaltion government?
Nobody: Because they are afraid of Frau Merkel.
Keuner: She davices greek helds a referendum over keep inside or outside of Eurozone.
Nobody: Greeks wanna stay in euro.
Keuner: Another europeans supports Greece’s exit.
Nobody: That’s truth.
Keuner: Bye.
Nobody: Bye.

Weekly discussion with Nobody and Keuner

Keuner: Hi.
Keuner: I didn’t understand french politicians.
Nobody: Why?
Keuner: I saw the TV debate between Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande.
Nobody: hmmm.
Keuner: Sarkozy is so nervous than a virgin when make a sex in a first time.
Nobody: Really?
Keuner: Yes.
Nobody: Why?
Keuner: Because he fears to losses the elections.
Nobody: Both candidates are so afraid of one woman.
Keuner: Which?
Nobody: German chancellor Angela Merkel.
Keuner: Both has a Merkelphobia.
Nobody: That’s truth.
Keuner: French politicians are so afraid of Merkel worse than greek politicians.
Nobody: Greece holds general elections in this weekend
Keuner: Yes.
Nobody: Whom is frontrunner?
Keuner: Anthony Samaras from the conservative party New Democracy.
Nobody: Can be greek politicians save the country.
Keuner: No.
Nobody: That’s truth.
Keuner: Bye.
Nobody: Bye.