Defence: US approves record $38bn Israel military aid deal

The ties among Israel and US was strained since last year. Today, US departament of state has announced it reached a deal to Israel ons its military aid in value of 38 billion dollars for next 10 years.

The agreement, to be signed on Wednesday, follows 10 months of talks.

It was approved despite frustration within the Obama administration at Israeli settlement building.

The agreement, which replaces a 10-year package set to expire in 2018, “constitutes the single largest pledge of bilateral military assistance in US history”, said the state department.

After that, US president Barack Obama will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during at UN general assembly on next week.

Conclusion: More weapons for great ally.


Israel: Netanyahu rejects US ‘surprise’ at Obama talks cancellation

The diplomatic ties between US and Israel are worsen of. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has canceled his trip to US.  He has rejected a White House claim that it was surprised by his decision to turn down the offer of talks with President Barack Obama.

US officials complained on Monday that they had learnt via the media that Benjamin Netanyahu had cancelled a planned visit to Washington next week.

But Mr Netanyahu’s office said Israel’s ambassador had said on Friday there was a good chance he would not be visiting.

Conclusion: Netanyahu don’t like Obama as US president.

Defence: US and UK ‘hacked into Israeli drones and planes’

According to German Der Spiegel Magazine and  The Intercept website, UK and US has hacked into Israeli drones and others aircrafts since late 1990s.

It enabled Israel’s allies to monitor information acquired by its reconnaissance missions, Der Spiegel and The Intercept website reported.

The website said the information came from material leaked by US whistleblower Edward Snowden.

One Israeli minister said it was disappointing, but not a surprise.

“We know that the Americans spy on every country in the world and on us as well, on their friends,” said Yuval Steinitz, a cabinet minister and former minister of intelligence affairs.

He said Israel had not spied on the US for decades.

The intelligence agencies were able to watch information that the drones and other aircraft broadcast back to their handlers, the reports said.

They had a “virtual seat in the cockpit” as Israeli drones struck targets, The Intercept said.

The project, codenamed Anarchist, has been running since 1998 and was based near the highest point in Cyprus, Der Spiegel and The Intercept reported.

Israel’s Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper said a US base in northern England was also involved.

Israel was the main focus of the project, but systems in Egypt, Turkey, Iran and Syria were also hacked into, the reports said.

The UK Foreign Office said it would not comment on intelligence matters.

Conclusion: Even Israel was spied by UK and US.

Israel: Olmert to serve jail term for bribery

After months of trial. The Israeli Supreme Court had been sentenced former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert at 18 months in jail. He has convicted to take bribes when he served as Mayor of Jerusalem. Olmert was accused to gain 500.000 shekels in bribery.

A separate conviction of illicitly taking a 60,000-shekel payment for another project was upheld. The charge related to the development of land outside Tel Aviv owned by the Hazera company, Haaretz newspaper reported.

“A heavy weight was lifted from my chest today, when the Supreme Court exonerated me of the main charge, of Holyland,” Olmert said following the ruling.

“No bribe was ever offered to me and I never accepted one.”

He’s first head of government to be jail in Israeli history.

Conclusion: There are corruption…even in Israel.

America: Israel spy Jonathan Pollard ‘to be freed’ by US

Israel-US ties has a new chapter today. A few minutes ago, US announces the parole of Israel spy Jonathan Pollard. He was jailed in 1985 to release classify documents to Israel. Pollard was sentenced for life sentence in 1987. US Secretary of State John Kerry denied the move was a bid to appease Israel amid tensions over Iran’s nuclear deal.

But officials said he had always been eligible for parole after 30 years and his lawyers said the parole board made their decision “independently of any other US government agency”.

“The decision is not connected to recent developments in the Middle East,” his lawyers said in a statement.

“I haven’t even had a conversation about it,” Mr Kerry told reporters as he left a House of Representatives committee hearing on the Iranian nuclear deal.

Conclusion: Bibi is very glad now.

Israel: Netanyahu attacks Orange’ withdrawal

Israel faces another problem. French telecom giant Orange announces its withdraw from that country. On Wednesday, Orange CEO Stephane Richard said he would back out of an agreement with Partner Communications.

Campaign groups say Partner is active in Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Benjamin Netanyahu criticised what he called Mr Richard’s “miserable statement”.

Conclusion: Its remember South Africa on 1980’s