Italy: Gentiloni sworn in as PM

Italy has a new Prime Minister. The former Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni was appointed by president Sergio Mattarela to form a coalition government. He was supported by centre-left and centre-right parties. The anti-system 5 star movement has rejected him.

Gentiloni is expected to win a confidence vote on Tuesday.

Conclusion: Strange politics in Italy.


Italy: Renzi to hand in resignation amid political turmoil

Italy lives a political turmoil. The outgoing Prime Minister Matteo Renzi will hand his resignation later today because the budget was approved by Senate. But Italian president Sergio Martarella has a difficult choise between calls for early elections or named a caretaker government. The frontrunner to be Renzi’s successor is Financial Minister Pier Paolo Padoan. Conclusion: hard times for Italy.

Italy: Renzi delays resignation until budget is passed

After a landslide defeat in Constitutional referendum on Sunday. The outgoing Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has decided to delay his resignation until 2017 budget will vote on Senate.

President Sergio Mattarella will later have to either choose a new prime minister or call snap elections.

Shares of Italian Banks has plummeted on stock markets today.

Finance Minister Pier Carlo Padoan is the favourite to succeed Renzi as PM.

Conclusion: Italy and their politicians.

Italy: Berlusconi convicted on Bribery trial

Italy has very happy today. The former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has convicted over allegations to paid a bribery of 3 million euros to centre-left senator Sergio De Gregorio to move for Berlusconi’s Freedom of Party in 2006 by the Naples court. He was sentenced to three years in jail and banned him from holding public office for five years. Berlusconi can be appeals on Supreme Court. Conclusion: Italians is very proud of their judiciary system. Less Berlusconi.

Italy: Renzi wrangles with leaders before presidency vote

Italy lives another political turmoil. The Prime Minister Matteo Renzi talks with parties leaders to get a consensus of the name must be next president who replaces Giorgio Napolitano. He  said to back constitutional court judge Sergio Mattarella, but any candidate needs a two-thirds majority in the first three rounds of voting. Former PM Silvio Berlusconi supports ex-premie Giuliano Amato. What’s it means: new political dreadlock in Italy.

Italy: President Napolitano announces retirement

Italy says goodbye for Giorgio Napolitano. The president has announced his retirement. He using his power to toppled former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on 2011 sovereign debt crsis. In Italy, The president has cerimonial role, but he dismiss Prime Minister or dissolves the parliament.

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi paid tribute to the president’s public service in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, describing him as a long-serving public servant who had dedicated his life to Italy and to Europe.

He said that the president “will stand down within the next few hours with a long list of achievements to his credit”.

Now, Italian Parliament has a difficult task to replace him.

Conclusion: More headaches for Renzi.

Italy: Silvio Berlusconi sex conviction overturned

Italy has strange politics such as former PM Silvio Berlusconi and his orgies called Bunga-Bunga. Earlier this year, he was convicted for paying sex to a underage prostitute called Ruby. Today, the court in Milan has review the rule and accepts the appeal made by Berlusconi’s lawyers. What’s it means: Italians are so scare with the comeback of IL Cavaliere,