Egypt crisis: Mursi vows to stay in office

Egyptian president Mohammed Mursi made a TV address to the nation. In 45 minutes speech, he appeal for calm and rejected the military ultimatum. Mursi said  he respected the right to peaceful protest, but said respect for the constitutional order was the “only guarantee against further bloodshed”. He admitted he had made mistakes, pledging his loyalty to the people but urging protesters to remain peaceful, insisting he would not be dictated to. Army leaked details of its road map. According to BBC, the blueprint outlined new presidential elections, the suspension of the new constitution and the dissolution of parliament. The Army’s ultimatum for agreement with opposition parties expires around 16:30 (local time) on Wednesday. Clashes in Cairo between oppositions protesters and Mursi’s supporters today. Really, Egyptians loves a political turmoil to fix the country.


Egypt’s President Mursi hails constitution and urges dialogue in TV address

 In TV address to the nation. Egyptian president, Mohammed Mursi hails the new constitution and urges a dialogue with opposition groups. Mursi said  said the constitution had been chosen by the people “with their own free will” in a referendum that was “totally transparent and supervised by the judiciary and monitored by NGOs”. The new constitution is approved with 63.8% of the votes. Also, he said the passing of the constitution meant Egypt could now move to a new stage that should bring security and stability for the people.

He urges a national dialogue with opposition. The president said he accepted the rights of those who opposed the constitution but condemned those who had resorted to violence. Finally, he admits  mistakes had been made but insisted he would never make a decision except in the interests of the country. Will be opposittion has attends the Mursi’s appeals for national dialogue?

Rival rallies as referendum looms in Egypt.

Egypt prepares to vote in referendum over a new constitution on this Saturday. Opposition says the draft document has been crafted poorly and without proper consultation, and is too Islamist and backs the ‘NO’. The president Mohammed Mursi insists the new constitution is needed to complete transition from late dictator Hosni Mubarak era. Really, this impose a new dictatorship by islamist group Muslim Brotherhood and their allies.

Egypt crisis in brief- 12/11/2012: Thousands in rallies

  • Today, thousands of people marches in rival rallies about president Mohammed Mursi. Opposition protests are gathered in a blockade around presidential palace. Its an Egyptian in furious way 
  • IMF (International Monetary Fund) has delays a loan of 4.8 billion dollars in cause of political turmoil for Egyptian government. Egypt economy suffers of 2 years of political upheaval since the former president Hosni Mubarak was toppled in February 2011.
  • Supporters of president Mursi has gathered in Tahrir Square to support the new draft constitution.

Egypt’s Mursi gives army arrest powers before the referendum on a new constitution.

After he rescinds the decree when gives a sweeping new powers on last Saturday. Egyptian president Mohammed Mursi has announced the new powers for military to arrest civilians to keep in safe the country before the referendum over new constitution on 15 December. In interview to BBC, opposition leader and former Foreign minister Amr Moussa said: “We are not aiming at toppling the president”. Opposition calls for new protest on Tuesday.  More headaches for Mursi and his supporters.

Egypt crisis: Protesters clash with army in Cairo and rejects talks.

Egypt faces a huge political crisis. Today, Protests over Mursi’s decree continues. Thousands had marched to presidential palace in Cairo after calls to dialogue made by president Mohammed Mursi. This is reject by them. They have broken through the barricade to protest them in front of the palace. However, supporters of president Mursi held their own rally. They promises vengeance in funeral for a man death in clashes earlier this week, and chanting: ”Egypt is Islamic, it will not be secular, it will not be liberal.” This a violent democracy has born in Egypt.

Egypt army erects barriers at Cairo presidential palace to protect Mursi from protests

After overnight clashes between pro-Mursi supports and his mainly secular opponents in front of presidential palace. Egyptian army deploys tanks and armoured troops carriers to protect them. Most of protests should leaves the area until 15:00 in local time. The president makes a speech today to explain why he keeps the sweeping powers. The top islamist body, The Al-Azhar institution, has called Mursi to suspend his decree. Also, its demanded an unconditional dialogue between president and his opponents. Will be Mursi is ready to negotiates this? I don’t know.