World affairs: US ‘spied on French presidents’ – Wikileaks

The website whistleblower unveils NSA has spied three French presidents Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande among 2006 at 2012. US State Department Spokesman John Kirby said: “We do not comment on the veracity or content of leaked documents.” France has made no comment. Conclusion: More troubles in Washington DC


France: Sarkozy’ secret tapes are consider as legal evidence

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy is in trouble. The court has decided to validates secret tapes where Sarkozy talks with his lawyer Thierry Herzog as legal evidence. It records talks among Sarkozy and Herzog over a sought-after position to a judge in return for information on another case. The UMP leader is want to run for presidency in 2017.

The transcription of the wire-tape:

30 Jan 2014: Lawyer Thierry Herzog (talking about magistrate Gilbert Azibert):“He’s had access to the rapporteur’s opinion, that will never be published… This opinion concludes with the removal of all references to your diaries… That’s really some job, you know!”

5 Feb 2014: Thierry Herzog: “He told me, ‘You can tell the president I’m optimistic’. I told him that you would receive him afterwards.

Nicolas Sarkozy responds: “I’ll promote him!” and later, “I’ll help him”.

Conclusion: Little Sarkozy, you have a problem.

France: Sarkozy bid divides Chirac couple over 2017 election

French conservatives prepares for 2017 presidential elections. The former president Nicolas Sarkozy has announced his intentions to run off. Its divided Chirac couple. Ex-president Jacques Chirac don’t like him and announces his support for fmr prime-minister Alain Juppe.

Speaking to Le Figaro, Chirac, 81, said: “I have always known that Alain Juppe would answer the call of his destiny and that of France. Few things would please me more, for me, for him and especially for our country. “

If I had the energy, I would already have booked my place, even a minor one, in the headquarters [of the Juppe campaign].”

But his wife Bernadette don’t like Juppe and supports for Sarkozy. She told French radio station Europe 1 that Juppe was “very, very cold and does not attract people”. The accusation was fended off by Juppe, who said later it was a “stereotype from another time”.

French UMP party will hold elections for general-secretary in November.

Conclusion: Sarkozy divides couples across the France.

France: Sarkozy’s corruption case ‘suspended’

France has strange politicians like former president Nicolas Sarkozy. After his comeback to politics. French media says a corruption investigation against him was suspended. They quote judicial sources as saying that Paris appeals court will now study a request by Sarkozy for the case to be dismissed. He will run for UMP Party elections on next November. What’s it means: little Sarkozy returns for socialist nightmare.

France: Nicolas Sarkozy announces return to politics

After weeks of anxiety. Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy announces his return to politics. He wanna to be presidential candidate on 2017 presidential polls. He said he would be a candidate to lead the opposition UMP party – widely seen as a first step for running again for the presidency in 2017. “I am a candidate to be president of my political family,” Mr Sarkozy wrote. Conclusion: French loves the petit Sarkozy.

France: PM Manuel Valls wins confidence vote despite Sarkozy comeback

After weeks of political turmoil and scandals. France’s national assembly approves the new cabinet led by prime minister Manuel Valls by 269 to 244. Valls earlier defended reforms of his Socialist cabinet, saying they did not mean to destroy the welfare state.

Addressing the parliament before the vote, he admitted the cabinet had already lost the trust of many voters.

“I know the French public don’t believe in us any more – they’re been put off by the political spectacle of the past few weeks; this climate of narcissism and shame,” he said.

“But my only mission is to go forward and govern.”

Meanwhile, former president Nicolas Sarkozy is comeback for politics to lead conservative UMP Party in 2017 presidential polls. French RTL radio said Mr Sarkozy would put his decision to return to politics down to Francois Hollande’s “weakness” as president, as well as the absence of an opposition leader and the rise of the National Front.

On Thursday, Hollande will give an interview for French TV after recent dissents over his life unveils by the former first lady Valerie Trierweiler.

Conclusion: French loses their faith in politicians.

France: Case against me ‘political’ – Sarkozy says

After his arrest on Tuesday, former French president Nicolas Sarkozy give an interview for TF1 TV Network. He said the French justice system is being used for “political ends” after he was placed under formal investigation for influence peddling.

Sarkozy has denied committing any unlawful act. Former president said the case against him was intended to harm his reputation.

During the interview, he says that “part of the judiciary is being used for political ends”, adding that he “never did anything that was against the principles of the French Republic”.

Sarkozy says he is “deeply shocked” by the investigation and accuses the Syndicat de la Magistrature trade union of seeking to destroy him.

“Everything is being done to give me a reputation that is not true,” he says.

Conclusion: French people don’t believe in Sarkozy words.