India-Pakistan: Sharif accuses India of an arms build-up

The row among India and Pakistan had another chapter today. Pakistan Prime-Minister Nawaz Sharif has accused India of an “unprecedented arms build-up”.

Addressing the UN General Assembly in New York, he said his country would “take whatever measures are necessary to maintain credible deterrence”.

The tensions over that countries has rise after protests in Kashmir since last month.

India accused Pakistan of masterminding the deadliest attack on security forces in the region in two decades.

Any Indian official has rebuked Sharif’s thaughts



World affairs:Ex-leader Musharraf leaves Pakistan after travel ban lifted

Pakistan lives a political turmoil. Former dictator Pervez Musharraf has leave the country for medical treatment in Dubai. His lawyers say he needs urgent spinal treatment unavailable in Pakistan.

Before he left the former president told reporters that he would return to face all pending cases against him.

“I am a commando and I love my homeland. I will come back in a few weeks or months,” he said according to local media.

The Supreme Court has lifted a travel ban on Monday.

Conclusion: Will be Musharraf comeback to Pakistan?

Sunday Chronicle: Bhutto’s comeback

Pakistan has a fragile democracy. The country has several dictatorship along 67 years of its history. Now, The Bhutto dynasty rises again by Bilawal Bhuto Zardari. He comeback to Pakistan to help the Pakistan’s People Party to return to government. Bilawal is graduated in History on British Oxford university. The party has intention to Bhutto to led the party on next general elections.

In his first rally on city of Karachi. Bilawal said to the crowd: “If you want to save Pakistan, the only answer is Bhuttoism and the PPP.” He keeps low profile after threats of Taliban. Bhutto said in recent interview the terrorits group should be defeated by the army to Pakistan has a peace. Its a first time in a member of Bhutto dynasty makes a speech after the death of former prime-minister Benazir Bhutto in 2007.

Bilawal is a future of Bhuttoism. His father, Asif Ali Zardari has known by his corruption scandals during Benazir’s premiership. He’s young and should be part of Pakistani history. The population don’t know the new face of Bhuttoism. Bilawal must go to get more votes for his allies in a trouble country like Pakistan. The challenge to modernizes that country is enormous for him.

The PPP gambles in Bilawal to gain ground on opposition. They loses it on the rising of former cricketer Imran Khan. He led the unrest against the current prime minister Nawaz Sharif on last months. Sharif has many problems like violence and energy failures across the country. Bhutto gains in that ground with his ideas of modern Pakistan where solves this aspects on social life.

That’s finest hour for Pakistan. The rises of Bilawal means a chance of shine future. But the dark side of this to keep a dynasty who domains a Pakistani political life for decades. Pakistanis wanna a better future. But Bilawal could be deliver that with guarantee with don’t wanna to stay in power for long time. That questions must be response on next years on a trouble Pakistan

Pakistan: Parliament holds emergency meeting

The ongoing crisis in Pakistan has a new stage today. Both houses of parliament holds a emergency meeting to solve this crisis. The prime minister Nawaz Sharif will address for the parliament after representatives makes their thoughts. The army has denied suggestions it is backing anti-government groups, insisting it is “apolitical”. Sharif said he is determined to protect democracy and will not resign. Opposition demands his resignation for rigging 2013 general election. What’s it means: Army wanna a coup despite politicians despair.

Pakistan: Qadri protesters guard access to parliament while Army claims wisdom

Pakistan is a trouble country. On Wednesday, militants of muslim cleric Tahirul Qadri has gathered on Parliament headquarters to demand the resignation of prime-minister Nawaz Sherif. Earlier, army spokesman General Asim Bajwa made the call for dialogue on his verified Twitter account.

“[The] situation requires patience, wisdom and sagacity from all stakeholders to resolve [the] prevailing impasse through meaningful dialogue in larger national and public interest,” he said.

Conclusion: Army is more moderate than politicians in Pakistan.

Pakistan: Protesters to march on Islamabad secure red zone

Pakistan lives a political turmoil. After 34 MPs of opposition Tehreek-i-Insaaf party (PTI) has quited from the parliament and others from provincial assemblies. The opposition leader Imran Khan is lead a march into Islamabad’s red zone which housing key government buildings and foreign embassies.

Since last Friday, Khan demands the resignation of Prime-Minister Nawaz Sharif for electoral rigging. He’s join by anti-government cleric Tahirul Qadri for this.

Imran Khan has spent the night in a shipping container at the site of the sit-in but he tweeted on Tuesday that he would lead the march into the red zone, calling it a “defining moment” for Pakistan.

The protesters have said they will set off at about 17:00 local time (13:00GMT). They’re anrgy over pakistani problems such as corruption, militancy and failure for delivery services as steady electric suplly.

Conclusion: Pakistanis are very angry with politicians.

India: Narendra Modi sworn in as prime minister

Today is a important day in Indian history. Narendra sworn in as Prime Minister on ceremony in Delhi. He invites the Pakistani PM, Nawaz Sharif for the event. It’s a first time in history of these countries. Modi took the oath and said: “I, Narendra Damodardas Modi, swear in the name of God that I will maintain the integrity of India.” “I will work without fear, anger or hatred and will do justice to all as per the constitution,” he said. What’s it means: Pakistan and India wanna a peace quickly.