Kenya: Court suspends shutdown of three TV private channels

On Tuesday, Kenyan government had shutdown three TV channels because it shows unofficial inauguration of opposition leader Raila Odinga as People’s president. Today, High Court has suspended it. It also ordered the state not to interfere with the operation of KTN, NTV, and Citizen TV pending a full hearing.

The interior ministry said in a statement circulating on social media that broadcasting the event – described as an attempt to “subvert or overthrow” the government – “would have led to the deaths of thousands of innocent Kenyans”.

Conclusion: This is freedom of speech in Kenya


Kenya 2017: Kenyatta urges peace ahead of general polls

On Tuesday, Kenyians goes to the polls to choose a new parliament also a new preisdent. The dispute between president Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition candidate Raila Odinga has raised more concerns over that.

Uhuru calls for peace on Tuesday vote

“After you cast your ballot, please go home,” Kenyatta said on Monday.

“Go back to your neighbour. Regardless of where he or she comes from, their tribe, their colour or their religion. Shake their hand, share a meal and tell them ‘let us wait for the results,’ for Kenya will be here long after this general election.”

Otherwise, Odinga has praised Kenyatta by his campaing. But he raised concerns of rigging vote and claimed the deployment of at least 150,000 members of the security forces was a ploy to intimidate voters.

However, he congratulated Kenyatta on his campaign, describing him as a “worthy opponent”.

“May the stronger candidate win tomorrow,” he said.

Conclusion: Vote in Peace, Kenyians.


Kenya 2013: Hi-tech system has failed.

Kenya has problems to counting millions of the votes. The introduction of hi-tech system to counting the votes has failed. Further 10.6 million votes are counting by ancient system, old manual system. After 254 of 291 constituencies declared the winner. Front-runner Deputy PM Uhuru Kenyatta has 50% of the votes while his rival, prime-minister Raila Odinga with 43.3%. It’s no avoided the second round on next April. Really, Kenyans don’t trust in new system.

Kenya 2013: Kenyatta lead over Odinga

After 40% of the votes are counting in Kenya. Deputy PM, Uhuru Kenyatta leads th counting with 54% of the votes followed by prime-minister Raila Odinga, which has 41% of the votes according electoral commission. The head of electoral commission emphasised these were provisional figures and urged Kenyans to wait patiently for the final outcome. Will Kenyans to be patience for awaiting the results?

Kenya 2013: Vote-counting begins in crucial polls

Kenya held a presidential elections. The polls are close in 17:00 (14:00 GMT) in local time despite long queues in polling stations. The turnout is 70% of the voters. According preliminary results, deputy PM, Uhuru Kenyatta leading it followed by prime-minister Raila Odinga. Another six candidates are running too. Odinga said he would accept defeat – but added that he was confident of victory in the first round. Kenyatta, also sounded a conciliatory vote, saying the president would represent the whole country and that any disputes should be taken to court. He’s due face a trial in ICC on next month for connection with the widespread bloodshed that followed the disputed 2007 election- he denies the allegations. This is a democracy in African country.