Spain: Catalonia want indepence on matters of days

The constituional crisis in Spain among Madrid and Catalonia has a new chapter today. The Catalonian president Carles Puidegmont has given an interview to UK’s BBC which said it is a matters of days. King Filipe VI has spoken to the nation in TV adresses who said organisers of the vote put themselves “outside the law”.

He said the situation in Spain was “extremely serious”, calling for unity.

Conclusion: Spaniards and Catalonians don’t undestands themselves.


Spain: Mariano Rajoy denied second term as prime minister

Spain lives a political turmoil. The Acting Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, was defeated in parliament for his bid to second term for 180 at 170. A second vote will scheduled to Friday by simple majority.

If Rajoy will fails on that. Fresh elections will call again. This is a third general polls in a less than a year.

Conclusion: This is a hard life of Spanish PM.

Europe: Spain may face third election in less than year, PM warns

Spain will face a third general election on less than a year. The Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said holding a third election would be “nonsense”. His Popular Party loses their absolute majority on previous elections on last December and last June.

But Socialists has refused to form a coalition government with Rajoy as PM.

Speaking after a fruitless meeting with the head of the PSOE, Pedro Sanchez, on Tuesday, Mr Rajoy said: “I ask him to unlock the situation and I think it is possible to do this.

“It is necessary and it is possible. I will do everything to avoid the scenario of another election.”

Before the meeting, Mr Sanchez said: “The Socialist Party is the alternative to the Popular Party and, therefore, the Socialist Party will not take part in any grand coalition.

“We will not support what we want to change.”

conclusion: Spaniards goes to the polls again.

Spain: Interior minister refuses to resign over smear allegations

Spain lives a political turmoil just few days before the General Election on next Sunday. Leaked tapes unveils the Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz has planned with Catalonia’s anti-fraud offical a smear campaing againts Catalonians separatists.

In the tape, Mr Diaz is apparently heard in conversation with Daniel de Alfonso, head of the anti-fraud office in Catalonia.

Asked by Spanish radio about the recording, the minister said: “I remember having had this meeting, but as for the content of these conversations, I remember the general gist, which was to meet a magistrate that heads up the anti-fraud office of the regional government, whose mission is to fight fraud and corruption.

“To claim that an interior minister is conspiring against members of Catalonia’s government is surreal.”

In other remarks, Mr Diaz called the tapes “biased, out of context and edited” and said it was “an insult and slander” to accuse him of conspiracy, according to El Pais daily (in Spanish).

Conclusion: More troubles for Spanish conservatives.

Europe: Spanish PM’s anger at David Cameron over Gibraltar

Gilbraltar territory is a matter of row among Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy and his British counterpart David Cameron. Cameron was planned to visit Gilbraltar for the case of Remain campaign. But it was suspended by the death of Labour MP Jo Cox. Earlier today, Rajoy told Spanish National Radio: “The government does not like Mr Cameron travelling to Gibraltar.”

Conclusion: Spaniards hasn’t concerns with UK PM less a unpopular spanish premier like Rajoy.

Spain: Socialists face key vote for coalition

The Spanish coalition among socialists and centrist faces a key vote today in parliament. The PSOE and Ciudadanos want their bid to form a government was approved by a confidence vote.

On Tuesday, PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez has pledge to deputies approves his bid.

However, correspondents say his chances of forming a government are slim.

If he fails in a confidence vote later on Wednesday, another vote will be held on Friday.

If neither vote is successful, parliament will have two months to choose a government or face fresh elections on 26 June.

Conclusion: Another Spanish political deadlock.

Spain: Socialist Sanchez ‘agrees PM deal’

The Spanish political deadlock coulde be ended today. The Socialist PSOE has reached a deal to form a coalition government with centrist Ciudadanos. Both parties has agreed with a five-point plan for constitutional reform.

It includes strip immunity from senior officials from being tried in lower courts; depoliticise the judiciary; make it easier for citizens to propose legislative initiatives; remove central government representation within regional administrations; and limit prime ministers to two terms in office.

In addition, reports El Diario (in Spanish), the deal envisages the imposition of a special tax on wealthy estates, an increase in the minimum wage, and corporate tax reform.

The reform faces oppsosition by Conservatives with their largest party in Senate.

Sanchez avoids to talks with left wing Podemos party.

Conclusion: Spain and its new PM.