Latin America: Hundreds of thousands take part in rival marches in Venezuela

The political turmoil is far from over in Venezuela. Opposition parties has gathered more than 1 million people on streets of Caracas today. They wanna a referendum to removal of president Nicolas Maduro.

But Maduro accusses opposition of trying to mount a coup.

Conclusion: More troubles in Venezuela.


World Affairs: Four oil producing nations agree to freeze output

The four oil producing nations has decided to freezes their outputs. Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Russia and Qatar rules out to tackle the fall of oil prices. Saudi Arabian oil minister Ali al-Naimi said: “Freezing now at the January level is adequate for the market. We don’t want significant gyrations in prices, we want to meet demand. We want a stable oil price.” Conclusion: Who saves that countries by the fall of oil prices.

Americas: Venezuela police raid arrests Caracas mayor Antonio Ledezma

Venezuela is a democracy conducted by president in authoritarian way. The opposition leader and Mayor of Caracas, Antonia Ledezma was arrested to plot a coup againts president Nicolas Maduro. He said the opposition leader must answer “for all the crimes committed against the country’s peace and security”.

Human rights watch condemns the arrest and want a release of Ledezma.

Meanwhile, Maduro said: “Mr Ledezma, who today by order of the prosecution was captured, must be processed by Venezuelan justice to answer for all the crimes committed against the country’s peace, security, constitution.”

Since 2014, many venezuelans goes to the streets in protests against Maduro for economic crisis in the country affected by the low oil price.

Conclusion: Maduro sees enemies in everywhere.

Economy: Opec leaves oil output unchanged despite Venezuela claim

The oil price has fallen. The Opec member-states has meeting in Viena to discuss this. Saudi Arabia and Gulf States has achieved the goal of reunion to keep the oil output despite concerns of another members such as Venezuela. The Saudi petroleum minister, Ali al-Naimi, told reporters that Opec members would not reduce their oil output. He and his United Arab Emirates counterpart, Suhail bin Mohammed al-Mazroui, said they expected the oil market to stabilise itself. What’s it means: Venezuela has more headaches on follow days.

Venezuela: opposition’s Leopoldo Lopez hands himself in

Venezuela lives a political turmoil and economy crisis. On Tuesday, opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez hands himself to National Guard. He face charges of inciting violence during recent street protests which left at least four dead. Speaking for thousands in Caracas before him jailed: “I present myself to an unjust judiciary. They want to jail Venezuelans who want peaceful, democratic change.” He said he hoped his arrest would wake up the country to its “unjust justice”. What’s it means: less one enemy for delirious president Nicolas Maduro.

Latin America:Colombia says Maduro claims ‘crazy’

Colombia and Venezuela has a new diplomatic crisis. Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro criticises Colombian president, Juan Manuel Santos because he meets with opposition leader and defeated presidential candidate Henrique Capriles.  On Thursday, Maduro accuses Santos of “backstabbing” his country and said that he had information that proved that the Colombian government wanted to overthrow him. During a rally in south-western Colombia, Santos said: “It’s crazy to think that the Colombian government might be aware, or even worse, backing some kind of action to destabilize the Venezuelan government.” It’s a Venezuelan way to hidden the problems.

Venezuela: Caprilles challenges election results

Venezuelan opposition leader and defeated presidential candidate Henrique Capriles has formally contest the results of presidential polls. Opposition lawyers has filed a complaints at the Supreme Court, alleging a number of irregularities and calling for the result to be annulled. The polls are won by the acting president Nicolas Maduro. Maduro says the elections were fair. Meanwhile, Capriles said Maduro had “illegitimately stolen the presidency”. It’s a confuse Venezuelan democracy